2014 Oral History Master of Arts, Columbia University                                  

2011 Bachelor of Arts, “With Great Distinction” Athabasca University

2001 Associate of Arts Degree (Theatre Performance) American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC, USA 


Whitney Museum of American Art, February 2020 - 

Researcher/Interviewer/Editor, Lenape Oral Histories

Columbia Center for Oral History Research, October 2019 -

Researcher/Interviewer, Obama Presidency Oral History Project

Museum of the City of New York

Saturday Academy Educator, "Native Lives: Our History, Our Stories," November - December 2019 

Voice of Witness Fellowship, VOW Story Fund Initiative, June 2017 –

Interviewer/Editor, original book of non-fiction, “How We Go Home: Voices from Indigenous North America”


Columbia Center For Oral History Research, May 2014 – May 2017

Program Manager, Robert Rauschenberg Oral History Project

Principal Researcher, Lead Interviewer, Project Manager, overseeing 98 oral history sessions with 59 narrators totaling 179 recorded hours. 

New York City Department of Environmental Protection, November 2013 -- May 2014         

Researched and conducted a pilot oral history project for the New York City Water Board.

Interviews with the DEP Commissioner Carter Strickland, Water Board Executive Director Steve Lawitts

Fales Library, NYU,Exit Art Closure Project, November 2013 – May 2014   

Supported by grants from Booth-Ferris and The Pollock-Krasner Foundation.

Researched, designed and conducted oral history interviews with 20 of alternative art space Exit Art’s principles, including curators, artists, funders, employees, and board members.Interviews to become part of the Fales Library Permanent Collection.

International Labor Organization, Regional Office for Africa - Addis Ababa, ‘Century Project,’ 2012-2013

Collaborated with the Communication & Public Information team to initiate, facilitate and manage the Century Project’s oral history component. Identified appropriate candidates for oral interviews who could speak to the role and the key activities of the ILO throughout its 50 year history in Africa. Conducted, recorded and transcribed interviews.     

Produced a comprehensive annotated bibliography which identified works published about the ILO in the African region, providing a summary and evaluation of each source’s strengths and weaknesses.      


Spiderwoman Theatre, ‘Violence – The Next Generation,’ May 2013

Conducted live transcription of the rehearsal process. Created a working script text document to preserve the improvised theatre created during rehearsals.



Robert Rauschenberg: An Oral History. Edited with Peter Bearman & Mary Marshall Clark.Columbia University Press. Forthcoming, August 2019.


How We Go Home: Voices from Native North America. Voice of Witness/Haymarket. Forthcoming, Fall 2020


Say It Forward: Empathy & Ethics in Oral History. Workshop. Oral History Association, 2019

Interviewing Immersion, Oral History Master of Arts, Columbia University, One-Day Oral History Training Workshops, May 2019.


Thinking Like An Oral Historian, Oral History Master of Arts, Columbia University, One-Day Oral History Training Workshops, January 2019


Oral Historians: Honoring the Treaties We Make with our Indigenous Narrators. Roundtable.Oral History Association, 2018.


Designing & Managing an Oral History Project. Oral History Master of Arts, Columbia University, One-Day Oral History Training Workshops, May 2018.


Cross Cultural Approaches to Interviewing, Activism and Research. Columbia Center for Oral History. 2017 Summer Institute: Oral History and Aging: Transmitting Life Stories of Being and Becoming Across Cultures and Generations.”


Blanks, Blips or ? How to Handle Deletions in Oral History Audio Files? Roundtable. Oral History Association, 2015.


How We Go Home: Second Generation Memory and Education in Native American Communities. Columbia Center for Oral History. 2014 Summer Institute: “Second Generation Memories & Stories.”


Oral History, Storyweaving & Documentary Theater. Columbia Center for Oral History. 2013 Summer Institute: “Telling the World: Indigenous Memories, Rights and Narratives.”